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Wireless Monitoring Systems

Take your Labguard monitoring system to the next level with the JRI-MySirius solution

Wireless Monitoring Systems

JRI-MySirius Wireless temperature monitoring solution!

JRI-MySirius Wireless temperature monitoring solution!


Wireless temperature monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems
Wireless Temperature Data loggers
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Temperature Indicators
Temperature Probes

Automated temperature control operations of foodstuffs for simplify HACCP process

Experts in food cold chain, we offers food safety temperature monitoring systems which comply with food regulations and HACCP procedures. 
Several leaders in food sector trust us and use our temperature monitoring solutions for their foodstuffs and ensure their preservation during storage and transportation.

Food retail
Temperature control of foodstuffs is a fundamental concept of HACCP procedures We offer independent and automated monitoring solutions which comply with the regulations and HACCP procedures applicabl ..
Restaurants and catering
Cold chain monitoring for food products Automatic temperature readings, real-time alerts and traceability of measurements to optimize your resources and comply with regulations HACCP defines food.
Food supply chain
Food cold chain logistics temperature controlled Monitoring the environmental conditions of a storage warehouse varies according to the products stored (negative temperature, to +8°C or +2 ...
Food Processing
Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Food Manufacturers HACCP procedures, the food hygiene package and cold chain compliance call for the implementation of means to control the temperature of food

Food safety monitoring solutions uae

Independent and automated monitoring solutions that meet quality requirements and iot temperature monitoring systems for healthcare. 

Quality assurance procedures, requirements from ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 standards, GxP and local regulations recommend the use of tools to guarantee the reliability of your temperature-controlled chambers as refrigerators, freezers, incubators... and during the transport of any thermo-sensitive products.

Pharma & Cosmetics 
Blood Banks
Health Products Logistics
Laboratories & Hospitals

Wide range of cold chain logistics monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive products during transportation or distribution phases.

In order to ensure best monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during transportation, you need a solution which takes account of the distances travelled, means of transport used (own vehicles or subcontracted), practical features such as geolocation in real time or upon reception of merchandise, alerts for temperature incidents or when merchandise received, etc.

A warehouse profile should be prepared, taking account of the hottest and coldest times of the year, in order to identify the sensitive areas of a warehouse and ensure compliance with the temperature and/or humidity ranges requested by suppliers of temperature-sensitive products.

We offer a wide range of cold chain logistics monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive products during transportation or distribution phases. From any simple monitoring data loggers to the automated iot temperature monitoring system with geolocation, we provide solutions suited to your needs and requirements.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

We offer ambient conditions monitoring solutions perfectly suited to identify the most stable areas in a building.

A building is required to control the ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and ensure hygiene and safety conditions, plus climate comfort in compliance with current regulations. In a residential, exhibition and conservation building, these climate conditions play a very significant role. 

We provide also temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for gas distribution.

Hot Water Systems
Archive documents and museum collections
Industry clean rooms
Gas distribution

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