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AL NAWRAS, founded in 1988 and located in the UAE, one of the very first well-established companies in the sector of healthcare and life science in the GCC region. We got to realise with time that a company’s strategy must be rebuilt over the years, in order to keep up with the constantly evolving market and industry, which helped us not only adapting to the new market, but also to expand our brand widely in the MENA region, with branches all over the UAE, Oman & Iraq.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the scientific and medical research to be able to integrate sustainability into the sector’s economy and business model.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for our clients in the health care and life science sector, with cooperation with our partners to offer technological advancements that help facilitate their work, whilst having a solid grasp of what they do.

Our Core Values
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Trust & Transparency: We aim to maintain our trustful relationships with our partners and clients, we believe that without trust, transactions are not sustainable on the long run. This is how we managed to survive throughout the years.

Ingenuity: Business is full of difficulties, but with such a smart and agile team we have, we manage to overcome them.

Responsibility: We are a part of a community, we take our actions seriously, and are accountable for them.

Sustainability: As a corporate and a part of a society, we have bigger goals than just financial profit, we take into consideration our impact on the social and ecological factors

Image by Alexander Popov
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