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Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics

Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics

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Quality Control: Microbiology Testing

Charles river microbiology testing portfolio brings you progressive products and services that deliver accurate, relevant, and reliable data to make confident decisions on product quality and contamination control. Our unique combination of Endosafe® endotoxin testing, Celsis® rapid microbial detection, and Accugenix® microbial identification and strain typing keeps your manufacturing operations running efficiently and smoothly, lowers your cost to manufacture, and protects your reputation.


Portable Endotoxin Testing System

The Endosafe nexgen-PTS is a rapid, point-of-use handheld spectrophotometer. Supporting both Endosafe® LAL and Trillium™ recombinant cascade reagent (rCR) cartridges, it provides accurate and effortless endotoxin detection and glucan concentration determination. Its compact and lightweight footprint makes it optimal for small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies requiring fast and simple testing right on the manufacturing floor.


Technical Sheet


Droplex is the diagnostic solution to identify gene mutation in different types of cancer to facilitate targeted therapy.
By incorporating Droplet Digital PCR technology, Droplex shows improved sensitivity with wider mutation coverage.
Droplex Test Series will provide the possible course of treatment that is tailored for individual patients.


  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: EGFR

  • Endometrial Cancer: POLE

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: cMET

  • Colorectal Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: KRAS

  • Papillary Thyroid Cancer, Melanoma: BRAF

  • Breast Cancer: PIK3CA

  • Breast Cancer: ESR1


Revolutionizing Psychiatry and Oncology with Rapid Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


Breaking Barriers in Cancer Care: MyCare Oncology Introduces Innovative Personalized Dosing, Tailoring Chemotherapy for Enhanced Treatment Efficacy and Lower Costs. Move Beyond Traditional BSA Calculations to Consider Individual Metabolism, Age, Health, and Gender for Optimal Drug Exposure.

MyCare Oncology products:    

  • MyCare Oncology Busulfan Assay    

  • MyCare Oncology 5-FU Assay 


Unveiling Commercially Available Assays for Precision Monitoring of Antipsychotic Drugs. Tailor-Made Treatment with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Enhances Adherence, Adjusts Dose, Minimizes Relapse, Mitigates Toxicity, and Boosts Cost-Effectiveness in Psychiatric Disorders.

MyCare Psychiatry products:  

  • Clozapine - The Only FDA Cleared Clozapine Test  

  • Total Risperidone (measures Paliperidone)  

  • Total Aripiprazole  

  • Quetiapine  

  • Olanzapine

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