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Microbiology & Tissue Culture

Microbiology & Tissue Culture


INTERSCIENCE has been developing and manufacturing innovative scientific equipment for microbiology for 40 years. Its products guarantee safe and fast analyses for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental and medical research industries.

Sample Preparation

Gravimetric dilutors
  • Gravimetric dilutors

Dispensing pumps
  • Dispensing pumps

Lab Blenders
  • Lab Blenders

Real time incubator & colony counter
  • Real time incubator & colony counter

Bacterial Analysis

Colony counters
  • Colony counters

Automatic Platers
  • Automatic Platers


VWR provides access to mission-critical product and service solutions across life sciences and other regulated industries, including: Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government, healthcare and advanced technologies.

VWR offers a convenient access to an extensive portfolio, including our own brands, as well as those from thousands of other manufacturers.

Cell Biology
- Serological Pipettes
- Flasks
- Culture Plates
- Inserts
- Dishes
- Bottles for Sera/Media
- CO₂ Incubators
- Culture Chambers
- Cytokines & Growth
- Factors
- Media
- Roller Bottles
- Sera
- Supplements & Additives
Centrifuge Tubes
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