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Histology Products 

Discover our broad range of histology equipment to perform processing, embedding, cutting, and staining of tissues.


Tissue processing is a technique than uses alcohols to remove water from tissues and replace it with a medium that allows sectioning of tissue. Several methods are used to achieve this. Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 fulfills it in a patented and unique technique that combines several movements for the tissue to achieve perfect infiltration results. This is possible thanks to the world’s best spin processing method.


STP 120-1: Standard instrument (basic instrument, 10 reagent vessel, 2 paraffin baths, 1 stainless steel basket for 120 cassettes).
STP 120-2: STP 120-1 + fume extraction system with charcoal filter.
STP 120-3: STP 120-2 + 3rd paraffin station and 2nd basket for another 120 cassettes.


Spin Tissue Processor STP 120

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