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Al Nawras introduces MICA, the world’s first microhub, to the UAE

Al Nawras Medi-Lab Supplies, one of the UAE region’s leading suppliers of technology to the healthcare and life sciences sectors, is proud to partner with Leica Microsystems of Germany to deliver Mica imaging microhub to researchers throughout the region.

Mica combines widefield and confocal images with a sample-protecting, incubating environment. This allows scientists and researchers to move quickly from setup to well-visualized results. Designed to be simple to learn and operate, it allows researchers to focus on their research, not their microscope.

Al Nawras, led by Dr. Hasan Morad, will host seminars in local research centers and universities to show this powerful technology. The company signed an exclusive regional distribution agreement with Leica Microsystems in October of last year.

“This is an outstanding leap forward in microscopy,” Dr. Morad said. “Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and state-of-the-art imaging techniques, researchers can move from set up to publication faster than ever before.”

Mica allows researchers to deliver images that offer greater detail quickly and efficiently.

● 85% fewer steps to the first image ● One-third less time to the first image ● Half the training time

Because Mica is an automated, intelligent microscopy platform, it helps researchers move quickly through the steps to getting the first image and delivering outstanding results. It’s designed to show more structures faster without needing to move the sample. This prevents delays and shifting of samples in the process.

Unlike earlier versions of this type of microscopy, Mica moves from wide-filed overviews to amazing high-resolution images with the touch of a finger. It doesn’t require movement of the sample or long delays getting the microscope to do what needs to be done.

“Research paradigms are constantly evolving, as we have seen with the recent evolution of single cell and transcriptomics. The next frontier is about essentially putting this dissociated information into spatial context, as location is critical to understanding biological mechanisms. The trend is driving more researchers to utilize complex imaging in their research. We have built Mica for these researchers, who need to focus more on their biology than the specialism of microscopy,” says James O’Brien, Vice President Life Sciences at Leica Microsystems. “The Microhub era will supercharge the microscopy experience for everyone.”

Al Nawras – Regional Leader

Al Nawras was founded in 1988 to deliver top-of-the-line medical and life sciences equipment to the UAE to allow primary research to happen throughout the region with the same equipment the rest of the world is using.

“Bringing this device to the UAE region,” Dr. Morad said. “We’ll be able to provide this new technology to the brilliant minds working in our area. Mica is a massive leap forward in microscopy. I am looking forward to seeing how our colleagues and customers in the region use it to create change in hard sciences and pure research.”

More information about seminars and opportunities to view this technology in the UAE region can be found at Researchers, universities, and private companies are encouraged to reach out to Al Nawras at +971 6 5344550 or email to learn more and arrange private demonstrations.

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