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Delvotest® the gold standard for detecting antibiotics in milk


For farmers, dairies and milk control laboratories alike,  Delvotest®  is the ultimate early warning system: proven over 40 years to maximize product yield and prevent milk loss by detecting all major antibiotics in a single test. 

Delvotest® is easy to use, delivers accurate test results and it’s considered the official national reference test in most countries worldwide. It helps tackle antimicrobial resistance and reduces milk losses throughout the chain.


Food pathogens represent a special form of microbial pathogens, which are picked up and spread through food.

Below a number of pathogens are listed, Many of the pathogen kits have been certified by recognized institutions such as AOAC-RI, MicroVal or NordVal (see licensing options / validations), and thus independently tested for quality and safety.


Animal Identification Kits detect specific animal species in food by real-time PCR. They enable the identification and differentiation of swine, cattle, sheep, horse, donkey, chicken and goat in food, such as raw and heated meat, animal feed and animal products.
Animal species detection in food protects product purity. It also controls against fraud through verification of the animal species used in meat products.


Environmental testing and water quality control are a major concern for public health and are subject to laws and regulations in many countries. Water-bearing systems contaminated with pathogens are a source of infection and must be tested. Our real-time PCR-based Kits play a trusted role in detection and quantification of pathogens in environmental samples and water, and offer reliable analysis with high sensitivity and specificity.

Ubio is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic devices in India. From its inception in the year 2008, ubio has developed innovative solutions in veterinary and food diagnostics.

Veterinary Diagnostics For: 
- Canine
- Feline
- Live Stock
- Avian

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