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The world’s first imaging Microhub.


This changes everything.

More than a highly automated microscope, Mica unites widefield and confocal imaging in a sample protecting, incubating environment. With the simple push of a button, you have everything you need - all in one place - to supercharge fluorescence imaging workflows and get meaningful scientific results faster.

Now you can focus on your science, not figuring out your microscope.

  • Access for all

  • No constraints

  • Radically simplified workflows

No constraints - 4x more data with 100% correlation

The Microhub enables you to simultaneously capture all 4 labels of different structures in a single acquisition for widefield or confocal, without ever moving your sample. This overcomes the spatiotemporal mismatch between labels of moving objects during sequential acquisition. All powered by our patented FluoSync technology, a fast and gentle method for multicolor fluorescence imaging.

Radically simplified workflows

Intelligent automation and AI-supported analysis enables greater efficiency and a faster track to publication. 

  • Reduce over 60% of process steps through system intelligence

  • Reduce time and effort from sample to insight by simplifying your entire workflow

  • Enable 100% reproducibility and repeatability throughout your experiment

Bio Anchor FP

CFX Opus is the newest real-time PCR system in our robust CFX Family. The CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR System can analyze 96 wells and offers a number of new features:

  • More uniform thermal performance

  • Expanded connectivity — Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB

  • Cloud connectivity: Operate CFX Opus on our cloud platform or with desktop CFX Maestro Software

  • Network storage drive access for excellent data management

  • Shuttle optical system yields consistent optical measurements across your sample plate

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